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  Project Management Approach

Sustainable Civil Engineering Solutions principle philosophy of successful project management/ delivery is achieved by assembling an experienced qualified Project Manager and a diversified team of professionals who are committed to meeting the challenges of the project.

The SCES approach in delivering a successful project for our clients begins with the development of a comprehensive management plan which takes into account client's goals, project budget; project schedule, and quality control while effectively communicating with all stakeholders and partnering with all members of the team, particularly contractors.

This plan will be communicated to our client to insure performances of all project milestones are met and all relevant measurements are evaluated throughout the duration of assigned tasks.

The SCES Management Plan is comprised of six major components:

1. Project Organization
2. Project Schedule
3. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
4. Project Performance Measurement
5. Project Reporting
6. Partnering

Each of the above components is customized to a format that is suitable to meet and exceed our Client's needs.

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